Our Future in Europe

August 2018. The consultancy has been supporting educational projects in Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Republic of Ireland and Switzerland (Schengen Area). Our education work depends on face to face collaboration and is supported via broadband communication links. Ancient technologies such as jet travel, speaking more than one language facilitate exciting collaborative projects – all essential elements. Today my flight from London Gatwick to Innsbruck took 1 hr 24 minutes and cost 40 €.  My onward journey to work with education authorites/schools or potential clients would typically be : Vipetino, Italy 35 minutes; Kitzbühel, Tirol 1 hour; Munich (Germany) 1 hour 40 minutes.

The withdrawl of the UK from the European Union and the rest of Europe has presented us with interesting alternatives and exciting challenges. Although the UK has not departed yet, it is clear that the consultancy’s future is very much in Europe not outside. The imminent loss of rights and protections to move freely around and trade without any hinderances within Europe was carefully analysed. As a small business, the overheads of remaining based in the UK whilst maintaining our trading strengths, customer base and long-standing friendships in the 27, began to multiply out of control.

New applications for visas, loss of internal flights being re-classified as international, separate personal registration for tax purposes in 27 countries, permissions required to trade in each nation state where previously automatic, UK driving licence expiring after 90 days (3rd country not driving on the right side of the road means re-test in EU), UK vehicle not accepted for other than short tourist visits, mandatory engagement of qualified financial advisers in 27 separate states, health insurance problems post March 2019, professional qualifications no longer recognised – application for permissions required in 27 states accompanied by accredited translations of all degree and post-grad qualifications followed by personal interviews, crossing international internal borders to carry on business no longer permitted without prior permissions, documentation and fees, devaluation of GBP, mobile phone roaming fees and data charges rocket.

We established, in October 2017, a firm base in Austria in preparation for a permanent move.

  • Telefon: +43 6801475533
  • Call us direct in Austria from UK on 020 7193 3693‬ (Telco will record your calling number)
  • Chris Davison :
  • Bichlinger Straße 87 / 28
  • A6363 Westendorf, Tirol

Our UK office continues to be located in the South East region. We are 40 minutes by rail from central London with excellent motorway and road network connections. London 66 km, Heathrow 40 km, Reading 25 km, Southampton 68 km, Köln (Cologne) 640 km, Edinburgh 675 km.

As well as Fleet, we have a presence in London, Nottingham, Reading and Westendorf Austria.

Call us by ‘phone or by E-mail – details at the foot of the page.

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