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August 10, 2015

Contact us by telephone or email to see how quickly a cost-effective website could be earning your business money.

Our offers include lots but especially your ideas, your graphic designs, page headers, sub-sections, your sales pitch and pictures. All this can cost as little as €130 (BREXIT £ prices call us). Our customers just love the care and attention we offer to help build a stunning website and help them cash in on the 24/7 advertising power of the web. It’s not just about the techie bits – we’re good at that – but actually just as cruicial, the whole concept of where your business wants to be and how we can help you get there. Your business could probably be doing so much more!


Our up-front, sensitive advice is part of the deal. Please ask about the way we can help you focus on the future. A range of other services such as graphic design, accelerated search engine optimisation and authoring cunning marketing text are also available. We can advise – no commitment. Lets talk…

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Brexit is terminal for small businesses.

May 21, 2019

As a sole trader, having built a successful IT consultancy across Europe, it was with extreme sadness and deep contempt for the Conservative party, that I was forced to close my business. I’ve retained residency in Austria under the Article 50 withdrawal agreement and obtained an Austrian driving licence. It’s a fantastic place to live.

Offering consultancy to education ministries, universities, local authorities and individual schools was made impossible. Registering for permission to trade in 27 separate member states, engaging separate accountants, submitting 27 separate tax returns, loss of freedom of movement, Brexit conditions requiring seeking permission for each and every cross border self-employment, loss of automatic permission to travel with equipment (laptop, projector etc.), eye-watering mobile phone tariffs, unsustainable medical insurance from UK etc., loss of recognition of qualifications, all resulted in my spreadsheet – quite accurately – predicting costs exceeding income several thousand-fold. Before Brexit, I had everything designed to be able to press a button, except for occasional, essential meetings with clients (an essential element in growing and sustaining business growth) and invitations to lecture. One tax return sufficed.

All gone.

Christopher Davison B.A. Hons, ATC. 13th May 2022.

Project Consultancy

August 10, 2015

A current project undertaken by Chris Davison Consultants is to offer advice, support and management to an exciting Anglo-German collaboration.

Bracknell Forest in S.E. England and Leverkusen in North Rhein Westphalia have been twinned for over 45 years but it is only recently that young people in both communities have been taking part in an online, dual-language magazine joint venture entitled ‘Augenblink’.

Chris speaks German and supports high-level links with colleagues in education and the wider community in Germany and UK.

Visit the live website here…