Our Future in Europe

The withdrawl of the UK from the rest of Europe has presented us with interesting alternatives and exciting challenges. Although the UK has not departed yet (May 2018), it is clear that our future is very much in Europe not out. The imminent loss of rights to move freely around and trade freely within Europe was carefully analysed. As a small business, the overheads of remaining in the UK whilst maintaining our trading strengths, customer base and long-standing friendships, loomed as an overwhelming catastrophe.

We have moved to Austria.

Telefon: +43 6801475533

Bichlinger Straße 87 / 28

A6363 Westendorf, Tirol

Our business is located in the South East region. We are 40 minutes by rail from central London with excellent motorway and road network connections. London 66 km, Heathrow 40 km, Reading 25 km, Southampton 68 km, Köln (Cologne) 640 km, Edinburgh 675 km.

As well as Fleet, we have a presence in London, Nottingham, Reading and Westendorf Austria.

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Postpoint 00, CD Enterprises

52 Beaufort Road, Church Crookham


GU52 6AZ


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